Juli Wilhite, MA 
 Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor
Contact me @ 214-415-7124 or Juli@180cct.com

Juli Wilhite, 180CCT
4001 McEwen Dr. Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75244
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Life can be busy. Although I try to be as flexible as possible people encounter scheduling conflicts so I created an 
online platform with ALL of my training for your convenience:
  •  Mastering Communication from your Couch 
  •  Setting Boundaries - Teach people how to treat you
  •  Identifying Dysfunctional Family Traits
  •  Transformation Today - Spiritual Mapping
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What is Relationship IQ Online?
Relationship IQ Online is a Unique and PROVEN approach to DRASTICALLY IMPROVE ALL of your RELATIONSHIPS. 
Over the Last 10 years the Training was only available to private clients who could afford to spend $4,500 and had the availability to work with our schedule.

Why did we create an online solution?

Previously we ONLY worked with people one on one in person. This can obviously be problematic for serving every prospect looking for help because it takes time, you have to go to a specific location where the expert is located, and it can be VERY EXPENSIVE . It became difficult to continuously turn people away we knew that we could help. Because of how successful our program was and regularly hitting our maximum capacity we created an affordable online solution to make our training accessible to everyone.

What's the Catch?

The only catch is this. Because this tool is typically only something we give access to private clients, we haven't decided how much longer we will make this tool available.
You may be one video away from a Successful Relationship...